When you need insightful guidance and quickly want peace of mind, online tarot readings can be valuable. Get answers more than just yes or no. Get your personalized tarot reading with Online psychic reader Mona Banga and keep your sessions convenient and private.


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Tarot card reading helps you make better and informed decisions for education, love and career. Tarot card reading is one of the oldest divination systems in the world. Tarot Cards Reading reveals the future and helps you to take important decisions in your life. Tarot is also helpful for your love life and career. It helps you to understand the situations around you and helps to understand your hidden powers. 

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Join Mona Banga for best solutions and better tomorrow, with a tarot deck by your side, you can understand and take clear decisions, deal with citations with confidence. Get Guidance with psychic reading for the future you want for yourself.

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MONA’s Story Is Both Promising & Extraordinary!

I live to curate joy and healing through my work. I am here to help you to always remember that it is your choice to spread channeled messages and healing around! Remember: It is not about you, it is all about how powerful living in the present state of Love can be for everyone. That is why I am also here to help guide you on an inner journey where we will tap into the happiness, success, fulfillment and wealth that has been there, inside each of us, all along.

We all have problems as per our perception in our lives

Are you confused about your career choice?

Are you finding your relationship claustrophobic and depressing? 

Are you stuck in your place of work and career?

Do you find that money easily slips out of your hands?

₹ 5000 - ₹2100 for 30 minutes session

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What will you get from the session?

  • Get Answers
    A great way to get answers: Tarot readings are a great way to get solutions

  • A Spiritual Tool
    The Tarot can help you get answers and connect with your spiritual side.

  • Get Guidance
    Get help from Tarot card reading to take the right decision of your life.

  • Quick Way to Uncover new possibilities
    Tarot card reading helps you find answers. It will help you uncover new possibilities, take decisions of career, relationship and education.

  • Keep your queries personal

    Get your personalized tarot reading and keep your sessions convenient and private.

Transform yourself with Tarot Reading

Tarot Card reading guides individuals and helps them to realize their complete potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ITarot provides help by providing clarity to the elements of your situation that you cannot see. If the picture is incomplete, you cannot possibly begin to form an accurate assessment of what is happening in your life, and more importantly, you cannot make an informed decision about how to take things forward.
  • In a word, yes. Sometimes so stunningly so that it takes your breath away. At other times a reading can appear nuanced, or more general but as time progresses, details of the reading can be seen to be played out in your own or the querent’s life. Some say that the future is not set in stone, and I buy into that also. However, with every choice we make in life, every decision we take, narrows our path toward a destination and so can be predicted by the tarot, or any other divination system.
  • It Depends on your time of session, A general question will result in a general reading so if you want to know something specific, please ask a specific question. If you are asking a question that could be interpreted multiple ways, please clarify what/who you are asking about i.e. if you’re asking about your job and you have two jobs, you will need to specify which job you’re asking about. Questions should be open ended not closed as the cards will respond better to open questions. If you have a specific closed question, please try to rephrase it. Alternatively, I will try and rephrase it for you. E.g. “Will I get married?” could be reworded to “What will happen in my love life?” or “what will the outcome of my current relationship be in relation to commitment?” This more open type of phrasing allows the cards to give you more information of the circumstances surrounding the outcome as well as the outcome. You may also include any information you feel is important for me to know. However, please note, as a general rule, I ask my clients not to tell me too much background information before a reading. So unless you feel it’s essential to me asking a question on your behalf, you don’t need to include details.
  • Calls can not be reschduled after the booked time, If you want to reschdule you can inform before hand.I would reccomend you to please be ready 10 minutes before the reading, even if you miss, you may request for another time, but it will be our discresion, to provide new time.
  • One Session only valid for one person.